Shellharbour City Dental provides you with a full range of dental treatment options and gives you the information you need to enable you to make the best possible decision about your dental needs, or emergency dental treatment .

Whitening is an option for patients who would like to lighten their teeth and improve the appearance of their smile. Whitening works by breaking down stains on our teeth to make the teeth appear cleaner, healthier, brighter, younger and more vibrant.

At Shellharbour City Dental we offer both in office and take home whitening procedures. The in office procedure is a quick process that generally takes around one hour to achieve. We place a barrier to protect the gums. This allows us to place a special more concentrated whitening gel on your teeth. Generally 3 – 4 applications of the gel are used in a single visit. As we can get an almost instant result in office whitening is popular prior to important events such as weddings and birthdays.

The take home kits are a great solution that is simple to use and results can be seen in around 10 days. For the take home kits impressions are taken so that custom mouth trays can be constructed.  The custom trays allow for the delivery of high quality professional whitening gels over the teeth and just the teeth. They also protect the gel from contact with saliva, which would significantly reduce the effectiveness of the whitening agents. The take home kits are very affordable and offer great practicality. Patients have control on how far they take the whitening of their teeth and the trays allow for easy touch ups and maintenance of the whitening results simply by reapplication when and as the patient wishes.

A brief consultation is always recommended prior to whitening as the process may not be suitable for everyone. We also recommend a professional clean prior to commencing the whitening treatment for the best result.

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