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A crown is the process we use to resurface the outside of a tooth. They are used for many reasons including to strengthen a tooth after a large hole or after a tooth has been fractured, to strengthen a tooth after root canal treatment, to help support a cracked tooth and for cosmetic improvements to enhance the look of one or more teeth.

Prior to the preparation of a tooth for its crown the tooth will sometimes need a little work to get it in a suitable condition to have the crown placed over it. This is important as the crown uses the existing tooth structure as a foundation so it needs to be in a healthy and stable state. This may involve removing and restoring holes in a tooth, replacing old restorations or in symptomatic teeth sometimes a root canal treatment may be required.

Once the tooth is ready to be crowned we will prepare it by removing 1-2mm of the outside of the tooth and an impression is taken of the prepared tooth. A temporary plastic crown in then placed. This will generally be in place for 3 weeks and is used to protect the tooth until your custom-made porcelain crown is constructed. Each crown is custom made to create a beautiful looking, strong and functional tooth. When your porcelain crown is ready the temporary crown is removed and the porcelain crown is permanently cemented.

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