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At Shellharbour City Dental we understand the importance of meticulous gum maintenance.  We have a dedicated hygienist and will ensure that we thoroughly clean your teeth and around your gums.  To do this properly it does take a little extra time, and at Shellharbour City Dental we set this time aside for each and every patient so that we can do the job to the highest possible standard.  We use both specialised ultrasonic instrumentation and delicate hand instrumentation on every patient to ensure the best possible outcomes.  Dental prophylaxis is also performed to polish and clean surface stains on the teeth and six monthly fluoride treatments are generally carried out at the same time to protect against decay.

So why is cleaning so important?  Why can’t I just brush my teeth at home?

We all know that we should clean our teeth twice a day.  Brushing with a soft toothbrush and flossing reduces plaque accumulating on the teeth.  Plaque accumulation leads to holes, bad breath and gum problems.  But brushing and flossing alone are not enough as over time we also accumulate calculus which is a calcified build up that forms under the gums and on the surface of our teeth.  This build-up of calcified bacterial deposits is harmful to the gums and bone that support our teeth.  The calculus will not brush off with normal brushing and flossing and it is this that we remove during your dental cleaning visits along with areas of plaque accumulation and surface stains on the teeth.  The damage caused by calculus is often not noticed early on as it is not painful but our dentists and hygienist will be able to identify the early stages of gum problems before they progress into more extensive issues. 

Initial signs of gum disease include unsightly red puffy gums, bleeding gums and bad breath. If left untreated the bone and gums around the teeth will begin to breakdown which leads to bone loss and gum recession.  Teeth with recession are often more sensitive to hot, cold and sweet things.  Left to progress eventually we can start to get painful infections around effected teeth and unfortunately if too much bone is lost and the teeth no longer have sufficient bone support to stay in the mouth they can become loose, painful and need to be removed.  Bone loss and gum recession are permanent changes and these structures will not grow back once the damage has occurred.

With a comprehensive dental examination all patients are screened for signs of gum disease and where appropriate time is spent to help educate the patient on the problem and to discuss what would work best for there situation to help manage and treat the issue.  All our patients are encouraged to have regular hygiene cleaning visits as they are essential to maintain healthy, attractive teeth and gums, reduce bad breath, reduce gum recession and prevent bone loss.

Look no further for a friendly family dentist in Shellharbour.

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