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In the Illawarra we are lucky to have a fantastic sporting culture.  Sporting activity is a tremendous opportunity for your kids and people of all ages to stay fit & healthy, make lifelong friendships and just have good fun.  We literally throw ourselves into these activities and at the end of the day those lunges, slides, tackles and bumps are what give us the big grin, the stories and more often than not maybe a bit of a bruise and some grass burn.  

Generally a bruise will mend, some grass burn may be a little annoying for a few days, even a broken bone will usually heal pretty much as good as new with a little help.  But we only get one set of teeth and injuries to teeth can be permanent. Here at Shellharbour City Dental we see the more serious outcomes an unlucky mishap can have to teeth. 

Dental trauma from sporting injuries mostly affects the front teeth so when they happen they can have a dramatic effect on the appearance of the teeth. The injuries are varied but the outcome is often the same and that is an ugly looking tooth that stares back at you in the mirror and pops up in photos. At Shellharbour City Dental we have years of experience in correcting such defects.  While it is often possible to achieve some truly spectacular repairs to severely damaged, displace, discoloured and even completely lost teeth, this treatment is often both time consuming and can come at considerable expense. 

Importantly the majority of these incidents would have been prevented simply by wearing a properly made and well-fitting mouthguard. There is much choice in the range of mouthguards available. Over the counter “stock” which have no adaption to the teeth and “boil and bite” type which are heated and adapted at home following the directions on the packet. These types of mouthguards offer very limited protection and studies have demonstrated that the level of protection is almost as bad as wearing no mouthguard at all. I know that surprised me too and I do this for a living.  For these reasons the Australian Dental Association as well as Standards Australia only recommends the use of a properly made mouthguard which is provided by your dentist. They are custom made to fit each individual patient, can be adapted specifically for the sport involved, will have the best chance of staying in place during an impact, will be more comfortable, wont restrict breathing and most importantly will offer the best protection possible.

Compared to the cost of an injury they are cheap and in many instances will receive a significant rebate from your dental health insurance provider so often the out of pocket expense can be even less than the total purchase price of the over the counter products. So please don’t risk it and make sure you or your kids have the best protection possible. See your dentist to have a proper mouthguard made.

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