Shellharbour City Dental provides you with a full range of dental treatment options and gives you the information you need to enable you to make the best possible decision about your dental needs, or emergency dental treatment .

Bonding and veneers are a similar process in that they both offer the option to cover, reshape and resize the parts of our anterior teeth that we see visually. They are used mostly for cosmetic improvement in the look of teeth to correct the shape, size, colour and minor corrections in placement of teeth. They can also be used to repair fractured anterior teeth and cover defects in anterior teeth. Check out our smile gallery. These are one of our favourite treatments to do as they can create such a dramatic improvement in a person’s smile.

On the initial consultation visit you dentist will ask some questions to get an understanding of what it is about your smile or with a particular tooth that you do not like and would like improved. We will discuss the options we have to correct this and if bonding or veneers are determined to be the treatment of choice impressions are taken. From the impressions diagnostic wax ups are constructed which creates a replica on a model of what changes we expect to achieve with your bonding or veneer process. This allows us to show our goal to the patient and allows the patient a chance to see visually the result we hope to achieve at the end of their treatment.

Once we are happy with the planned treatment we will prepare the teeth for bonding or for veneer placement. With bonding the teeth are prepared and the composite bonding material is placed in the same visit while with porcelain veneers the teeth are prepared and temporised. Impressions are then taken and the porcelain veneers placed at a separate appointment.

While both techniques can create a fantastic outcome in most instances porcelain is the preferred treatment option as porcelain veneers offer superior aesthetics, are more colours stable and have greater strength. It does take one additional appointment and is more expensive then bonding.  

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