Partial & Full Dentures for the Wollongong Area

Shellharbour City Dental provides you with a full range of dental treatment options and gives you the information you need to enable you to make the best possible decision about your dental needs, or emergency dental treatment .

Partial dentures are a removable option to replace missing teeth. Unlike implants and bridges, which are fixed in place and not removable, partial dentures are supported by clasps on the remaining teeth and can be removed from the mouth. Partial dentures are typically used to replace multiple missing teeth where bridges or implants are either not possible/ practical or the patient would prefer a more cost effective solution to tooth replacement. Partial dentures are also often used as a temporary solution to replace missing teeth during the implant placement process.

Prior to the construction of a partial denture, a full exam is essential to ensure the supporting teeth are healthy and have sufficient strength to aid in stabilisation and retention of the prosthesis. It is best to have any restorative work completed prior to making a partial denture as they have a very precise fit against the teeth and if work is required after completion of the denture it may not fit quite as well afterwards as a filling may alter the shape of the supporting teeth to some degree.

Partial dentures are the most common form of tooth replacement for multiple missing teeth situations as they offer the most affordable solution, are generally well tolerated, are typically long lasting and offer acceptable aesthetic outcomes for most people. Some people with a strong gag reflex find wearing partial dentures difficult. Retention and stability of the denture will vary from patient to patient depending mostly on the position and shape of the remaining teeth. The clasps, which support the denture, can sometimes be visible and getting used to wearing a partial can take some time. Your dentist will endeavour to give you advice on these factors during your consultation appointment.

A full denture is the term used for a denture which is made to replace all the teeth.  Full dentures have no teeth to help support them and rely on a close adaptation to the gums and the underlying bony ridge for their support.

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