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A problem some patients have with dentures is that in some instances they can want to move around or fall out. Particularly with people that have high muscle attachments that make getting a good suction effect impossible or smaller dental alveolar ridge that offers poor support for their dentures. If this becomes an issue we can offer several solutions to help. 

Sometime all that would be required is a reline. This can resurface the fitting side of the denture and can help with dentures that have come loose due to a change in the shape of the mouth over time. With a partial denture we may just have to tighten the clasps that have become a little loose over the years.

Another option can be to add implants to help support and retain a denture. If we add some implants usually 2-4 on the lower arch we can then put some clips on the lower denture fitting surface that mate with the implants and provide a great improvement in denture comfort, retention and stability. 

We can also use implant supported crowns to add one or two teeth that strategically placed can help greatly improve the retention of a partial denture.

Sometimes the ultimate solution may be to replace the denture entirely with an entirely implant supported bridge.

If your dentures are causing you significant annoyance, talk with your dentist next visit and we can discuss some options that might help to overcome the problems you are having.

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