Dr Luke Byrne and his friendly team of dental professionals are dedicated to providing you with the highest possible quality of treatment , in a relaxed and comfortable setting. You won't find a dentist in Shellharbour, or anywhere else, who is more gentle and caring in providing expert and sensitive treatment for your dental, or emergency dental needs.

Come in and visit Luke and the team: "Whatever dental problem you may have, rest assured you'll find my dental team is second to none in terms of professionalism and caring gentle handling of all your dental needs. We not only improve and restore the condition of your teeth, at our central Shellharbour practise, you'll find a dentist whose caring and effective dental treatments also greatly help to improve your self-confidence by improving the appearance of your teeth and giving you lots of reasons to become another 'glowing' member of our growing smile team".

Shellharbour City Dental provides you with a full range of dental treatment options and gives you the information you need to enable you to make the best possible decision about your dental needs, or emergency dental treatment .

We have extensive experience in the treatment of patients with emergency dental problems such as trauma, infection, pain, broken teeth, and cracked teeth, lost bridges, denture repairs or any other urgent dental need. We will always do our best to get patients in the same day they experience a dental emergency. 

Whenever a patient presents with a dental emergency time is spent to evaluate the issue, some tests may be required to identify the specific cause of the problem. Once the source of the problem has been identified then options will be presented for its treatment. Where possible treatment will be performed at the same appointment but some issues will require further appointments to complete treatment.

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